Bitcoin has reached 10.000 dollars and the hype has just started. Universities in all countries teach students about cryptocurrencies. This is just the beginning. Richard Branson and Bill Gates are just a few famous investers in Bitcoin or even Power Ledger, an australian company. Every day, new coins are born, … so are opportunities to get rich in no time. It is just a matter to Hodl or trade. It is finding a balance between Hodle and trading. Getting rich in Bitcoin or getting rich in Alt Coins. ICO’s are mostly a staring point to invest in. There are many exchanges like Kraken. This exchange is ideal for the European citizen, … especially when you want to deposit euro’s. But there is a problem. The exchange doesn’t work as it should be. To input a trade is ok, but to proces the order is something which has to be improved in future. The lay-out is super, … unfortunately not good enough for trading (yet).

Cryptopia is another exchange which is simple and easy to use vor hodlers. Not for trading. The charts are not professional. But the exchange has a lot of coins to trade.

Coinexchange, Ether Delta are aslo exchanges but do not even reach the amateur level. Hopefully they will improve their websites in future.

And now there is Binance, A made in Hong Kong exchange. Super easy to use both for hodlers and real traders. Registration is completely free and the website just started to run a few months ago. Very promising indeed. The chinese market will be ready in a few years, months, … ! Binance will be one of the best and biggest players in the market for sure. Bitcoin will be the leader in the cryptocurrency world and will be the biggest exchange.