All NEO holders will get GAS which is produced by NEO monthly. The details are as follows.

1. Statistical Method

GAS distribution number = total distribution number of GAS * NEO holder position ratio (with 8 digits after the decimal point)

NEO holders position ratio = sum of daily position number for NEO holders/ sum of daily position number for all NEO users

The daily position number is based on daily snapshot of NEO.

2. Distribution Time

Before 12am. of the second nature day in every month.

The statistics will start at the day one of Binance. The time of the first snapshot is 8am. on July 14th, 2017.

3. Demonstration of the Rule

User A is in the scope of statistics, and A hold NEO for three days which have 30, 300 and 60 respectively. Therefore, the sum of daily NEO position is 390.

Assume that the total distribution number of GAS is 1000 in this month, and  sum of daily position number for all NEO users is 600000;

Thus, the actual distribution number of user A = 1000*390/600000=0.65